Going Beyond Traditional Network Design at Ahold

I was recently reminded of a talk that Ahold and IBM gave in 2011 at the Material Handling Conference in Park City Utah.

It is a good network design case.  Here the details from the IBM blog site:

Ahold is an international retailing group based in the Netherlands.  Ahold had revenues of 29.5B Euros in 2010.   Ahold USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ahold.  Ahold USA operates Stop & Shop, Giant, and Giant Martin’s stores as well as the on-line grocer Peapod.

The title of the talk is “Beyond the Traditional Network Analysis.”

So you are challenged with managing a large portfolio of products and a complex set of vendors, customers and distribution locations. How do you make sense of this all and streamline your supply chain? This session takes you beyond the pin-on-a-map network analysis and examines factors such as sourcing strategies, inventory optimization, route planning and more. We will also review a grocery case study that involved the analysis of sourcing effectiveness, evaluation of DC investment opportunities, and relocation of legacy facilities to get the most out of their supply chain network. “