Teach and Learn Optimization Along with Network Design

CPLEX for Network Design Book Cover

We wrote this book as a compliment to the Supply Chain Network Design book.  This book teaches you how to write mathematical programs with CPLEX.  This book goes deeper than just showing you how to write a model in CPLEX.  It also teaches you about the practical engineering considerations when you are building commercial optimization.

This free e-book is a great way to teach students about optimization or learn about it yourself.  It starts simple and then goes deep into a particular problem so you can get a deep understanding of a real-world sized problem.

The book is free.  Download it and see if you can use it in your program or use it to learn more about optimization.

Here are links to the files mentioned in the text.  We recommend that you actually type some of the easier models from hand to practice.  Many files are zipped, please unzip before using.