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As a professor, you want to provide your students with a course that will prepare them to be business analyst and eventually supply chain managers (or general managers).  An important part of this role is to understand how to model and optimize the supply chain—this is a well proven discipline in the business community.  You probably already teach some elements of strategic network design.  This book will help you take topic deeper and better equip your students with what they need to tackle this problem in industry.  This book will greatly enhance this part of your program by providing your students with an in-depth coverage of the topic, written by authors with a background in the theory and the practice, and with real-world sized problems, exercises, and commercial software.  Your students will be much better prepared for their first job after using this text and be better informed as managers later in their career.

We wrote this book to help make your course richer. We want you to have insight into how this gets implemented in practice and access to realistically sized problems. You can also use this material to expand into other supply chain areas as appropriate for your course (for example, a detailed discussion on transportation costs or a detailed discussion on corporate strategy.)

This book would be appropriate for courses in Supply Chain, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, or an MBA or Business program. Supply chain network design is about determining the best supply chain to physically move product from the source to the final destination. As such, this topic gives you a great sense of a firm’s supply chain and how a firm works. It also touches very strategic business issues such as cost, service, and risk.

 As an example, this book is well suited for the following types of classes:
  • Supply chain network design class
  • Supply chain class- with a section for supply chain design
  • General business class with a need for strong cases and a deep dive into a topic
  • Optimization class with a need for a practical and large-scale application area
  • An independent study class

To make the course even stronger and more interactive, the book and the exercises were written so that you could use it in conjunction with commercial network design software.  We are using Opalytics Cloud Platform (OPC).

See the Course Materials section for more information.


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