GE Healthcare and IBM Webcast presented by IndustryWeek

IBM (led by Sara Lewis, one of the co-authors of the book) presented with GE Healthcare at an IndustryWeek Webcast.  Click here to go to a link that allow you to view a replay of the event.   This event gives you a good overview of how network design is applied in practice.

The following is from the IndustryWeek registration page:

Conference Information

Managing a global supply chain is a constant balancing act. Making sure you’re getting the best results means calculating thousands of trade-offs. You need to consider every cost and constraint associated with transportation, production, storage, and global trade, while keeping service levels as high as possible. And when you consider how unpredictable high-growth markets can be, the levels of complexity increase exponentially.

Attend this IndustryWeek webinar featuring experts from IBM and GE Healthcare to learn best practices for simplifying the complex. Find out how your company can calculate the best possible supply chain network design to meet rapidly expanding business needs.

You will learn:

  • Why leading companies are integrating ongoing network optimization into every major supply chain planning activity — and how you can benefit from their insights
  • How major companies such as GE Healthcare are managing their global supply chain structures in order to reduce costs, improve customer service, and prevent disruptions
  • How solutions can help your company simplify the complex though all-in-one packaged network design and planning


Ryan Hahn, Global Network Optimization Manager, GE Healthcare

Sara Lewis, WW Technical Lead, IBM