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As of 2017, the book is being sold on Amazon as both a thick paperback and in Kindle format.  You want to get either of those versions.  The hardback version is also being sold as used– this was the original one published by Pearson (it is still good, but has the old typos in it).

The new price for the paperback makes this a great option for multiple copies within an organization.

This book can help multiple people within an organization.  For example, 3PL’s could provide the book to the sales team so you can better understand the issues facing your clients, consulting firms can use this to help train new modelers, or companies can use the book to help educate the organization on the value of the supply chain.

The Kindle price is low enough that you can use chapters of the book for part of a class or even a case study.

Along with the book, we also offer tailored executive education webinars around the book for your organization.

Contact us for more information on the executive education or any other questions about the book at info@networkdesignbook.com.

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