The following are the corrections for the 2017 Paperback and Kindle version:

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The following are the corrections for the 2012 Hardcover book published by Pearson

Chapter 1, Page 15, Figure 1.1. This cartoon should mention that we had seen this idea presented many years ago and adapted it for network design.

Chapter 2, Page 25.  The chart should show all the Latitudes as negative numbers.  Logistica should sit in the southern hemisphere of an planet just like earth with the same coordinate system.  This does not impact any of the calculations or analysis.

Chapter 2, Page 26.  Our distance calculations formula that we referenced should show (Lata – Latb).  That is, the “plus” sign should be a “minus” sign inside the second set of parenthesis under the square root term.

Chapter 3, Page 47, last line.  “derviation” should read “derivation”

Chapter 3, Page 54. Figure 3.7.  the Demand column should have a header that reads:  “Demand-j”

Chapter 6, End of Chapter Questions, Question #2, Page 122.  The minimum charge for LTL should be $24 per ton mile (not $4).

Chapter 9, End of Chapter Questions, Question #7.  The last three words should be deleted.  The reference to dual sourcing could be another question you could ask– what is the impact of making everything at the current plant plus importing from China.  The question should just read:  What would have been the cost if they moved all production to China, but still chose our previous optimal three-warehouse solution?

Chapter 10, page 182.  Equation (5), in the middle of the page is missing a capital I at the end.  This is a family of constraints defined for every warehouse i in the set of I warehouses.

Chapter 12, Page 222.  The formatting of the section title, “Separating the Important from the Trivial”  may be a bit confusing.  It should be the same format as the section title found in the rest of this chapter.  For example, it should be the same as the one on page 223.

Chapter 14, Page 273.  The top bullet is redundant with the first bullet from the previous page.

Chapter 15, Page 294, Question #2.  This question is a repeat of the first question.

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