The authors of this book have been involved in these types of projects since 1997.  We have successfully completed hundreds of these projects, we have taught many people at companies how to do this analysis, we have taught consulting firms how to do these projects for their clients, we have written off-the-shelf network design software and worked on the science and algorithms, we have taught this material in the classroom at some top universities, and we are frequent guest lectures and speakers on this topic.

We wrote this book to share this knowledge with you.  We hope you will better appreciate and understand network design after you read the book.

Meet the authors:

Michael Watson is a recognized leader in the supply chain network design community.  He has been involved with network design projects since 1998 through LogicTools, ILOG, IBM, and now Opex Analytics  He’s helped complete these projects, trained people how to do these studies, and helped shaping the direction of IBM’s LogicNet Plus software.He is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University teaching Master’s level operations and supply chain courses in the McCormick School of Engineering’s MEM) and Analytics programs and Kellog’s MMM program.


Sara Lewis is a solution specialist at Opex Analytics and was formerly a world wide client technical professional at IBM.  She is recognized as a leader in teaching people how to do network design projects.  She has helped run these projects, completed many training sessions, developed training material, and leads a monthly and highly educational virtual users group on network design topics.  She also frequently guest lectures on network design in MBA and Supply Chain classes.



Jay Jayaraman is the manager of IBM’s services team for network design and our optimization solutions and is a recognized consulting leader.  He has deep experience in completing and managing the most complex network design projects.  He and his team have completed over 100 of these projects in the last several years.  He holds an M.S. from Florida and is a frequent guest lecturer on network design.


Pete Profile PicturePete Cacioppi
is the lead scientist for IBM’s network design product.  He has been working on this product since 1997.  He is responsible for translating the business problem into mathematical optimization problems.  He has led the development of algorithms for solving these problems as well as developing innovative ways to solve complex problems.  He holds an M.S. in Operations Research and Computer Science from the University of Chicago.